• Question: If you had any money left over from the £500, what would you use it for and why?

    Asked by tonicarr21 to Joe, Adrian on 11 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Joe Bathelt

      Joe Bathelt answered on 11 Nov 2016:

      I would use the money to develop a program to teach children about working memory – that is the ability to hold information in mind and manipulate. In our previous research, we found that working memory is very important in school. We already have a program to inform teachers about ways to make learning easier for children who struggle with working memory. But so far, there is no program to teach kids. We would develop a lesson that we can take to schools. We would also put together a website so that anyone can get this information for free. I don’t think that the prize money will cover all of this, but we will use it towards this goal and further support it with our own funds. So, I don’t expect that there would be any money left over.