Question: How much cheese can you eat before you explode

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  1. I’ve been thinking of your question very seriously for the past few days! 😛
    I think it’s quite improbable that anyone can explode from eating cheese.

    Cheese is a product of fermentation, where healthy bacteria or yeast converts sugar from milk into acids or gases. That’s why you often see holes when you cut open a blob of cheese! The only reason your body might explode is due to rapid and continuous production of gas from the inside that could not be contained . . . ^^”

    Now I believe that once cheese has been eaten, fermentation (which may produce gases) might not occur in your body because:

    – the conditions are not right because your body will start digesting the cheese with acids and enzymes, or;
    – you don’t have the bacteria or yeast in your body to deal with fermenting cheese as effective as the cheese industry;
    – it would be impossible to eat enough cheese for a significant amount of gas to be produced at an “explosive” rate as a by-product of fermentation INSIDE your body.

    That said, a balanced diet is the key to good health! 🙂