Question: If you are getting attacked, is the head the thing you have to protect the most?

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  1. This is not within my area, but I think that parts of the body that are most likely to help you survive are the most important to protect in an attack. The head is really important, but the heart and inner organs are vulnerable and perhaps more of a priority depending on the nature of the attack. On the other hand, protecting your head may help you to stay conscious and get away quickly when an opportunity opens up.



  1. It’s a hard question, I think people do have a tendency to protect their head by putting their arms around their head/face, but as Joe says our heart and guts are vulnerable. It may depend what you are attacked with. The heart is protected somewhat by the ribcage, but a knife can do a lot of damage, while the brain is protected by the skull but a big heavy object hitting your head (or if your head hits the floor) could cause a lot of damage.